1          The highest bidder on each lot will be the Purchaser, the advance of each bid to be fixed by the Auctioneer.

 2          Bids will be considered as 'up to' the maximum stated. The highest bidder will obtain the lot at a stage higher than the second highest bidder. Where bids are identical, the earliest received bid will be successful.

 3          Minimum bids of 50p increments, up to £10 acceptable.

 4          Reserves are stated where applicable.

 5          Buyer's Premium is 10% of hammer price.

 6          Bidding is by post, telephone, fax or e-mail.

 6          In principle, auctions end at 10 pm GMT on the date of the auction. However, many collectors have asked for the possibility of increasing their bids after this time. This facility is available by telephone or fax only. Supplementary bidding will continue after 10 pm until telephone and fax remain silent for a continuous period of 20 minutes, at which point the auction will be concluded.

8          All bidders must supply their name, address and contact telephone number.

9          Successful bidders will be notified within seven to ten days of the Auction. Cash in payment for lots should be sent within seven days following notification.

10        Every effort has been made to describe lots accurately. Any discrepancy should be notified within ten days of the Auction. We do not recognise or accept the grading of our cards by any outside organisation, or individual whatsoever.

11        Viewing of lots can be arranged by contacting Roy Davis by telephone.

12        Payment is acceptable in Pounds Sterling cash, or Pounds Sterling Cheque drawn on an English bank.

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The lot numbers and bids clearly itemised.

Bids will not be accepted without a contact telephone number

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